Discover resins, fillers and body fillers, as well as putties and accessories for easy application of the product on the body.

The fillers for cars developed in our laboratory are particularly suitable for leveling, correcting and filling imperfections in the bodywork. More importantly, our products offer safety in the workplace thanks to the low styrene content and below the legal limits that are always set.

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Everything from a single source is the philosophy of 4CR, the approach with which we offer automotive professionals everything they need to make their work more efficient. Browse our website and find the right product from the wide range including multi-purpose fillers, soft fillers, metal fillers, polyester resins and accessories such as fiberglass mats, plastic rubber and steel fillers

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us: we are partners for professionals and not just sellers. We will guide you in buying the right product and how you can best optimize your investment.



The reference point for car refinishing in the world. We offer complete and integrable solutions, for an efficient and safe workflow.

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