Bonding and sealing

Protect the car from the elements, humidity and sudden temperature changes, thus you will ensure the stability of the individual parts of the vehicle and the welding points… Adhesive sealing is a fundamental tool to ensure your customers safe and secure travel and vehicle comfort. In this case, choosing a good product is crucial.

In our website you will find a wide range of professional car sealants, including seam sealers, car glue and double-sided tapes. Excellent performance, versatile application. They’re the answer you’ve been looking for in your daily body shop maintenance needs.

Automotive adhesives and sealants


“Everything from a single source” has been our philosophy since 2004: It means you will find everything you need here. A catalog that combines quantity with quality thanks to an in-house laboratory that produces and tests unique products to solve your everyday automotive refinishing and painting challenges.



The reference point for car refinishing in the world. We offer complete and integrable solutions, for an efficient and safe workflow.

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