The cleaning of the parts to be machined, as well as the cleaning of the car at the end of the machining, are very important phases. Our goal is always to enable you to deliver a flawless car to the customer. In our car detailing webshop you can buy the best products for professional body cleaning and drying.

From microfiber cloths to body cleaners to paint overalls, protective gloves for bodyworkers and protective coatings… all the products that you will find on our portal meet all the criteria of the highest quality in terms of material and use and safety standards. In the pure style of 4CR.

Car cleaning and drying


Impeccable cleaning, simple operation, a guarantee of success. In our webshop you can quickly buy all the products and tools for cleaning the surfaces to be painted and caring for the body. Not only: here you can find the best car paints, body abrasives and a rich selection of tools for the daily tasks of the body shop.

Discover the workflow we created for you product by product and ask our experts for advice. They will help you to optimize your work, as well as to clean and maintain your car.



The reference point for car refinishing in the world. We offer complete and integrable solutions, for an efficient and safe workflow.

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