Automotive painting is not just a job, but a passion where every professional can give the best of himself. At 4CR we have been thinking this way for more than fifteen years and this is why we have become the reference point for the sale of professional bodywork paints.

We know that buying car paint is never a hasty choice, but a process that starts from trust in those who designed, created and tested that product.

4CR – High technology for automotive painting

From clear coats to protect the bodywork to mixing cups, passing through painting accessories, such as masks, car touch-up pens, microfibre cloths and spray cans, up to paint guns. You don’t need to look elsewhere, because in 4CR you will find everything you need to raise the bar of your work, every day. A clear coat is not a detail, but the basis of quality work.


Automotive paints online: our product range

Professional bodywork clear coats
In 4CR professional clear coats we have infused our experience in car refinishing, built in more than fifteen years of presence on the market and experimentation in our laboratories. We have developed safe, certified formulas, able to guarantee quality requirements such as gloss and durability, as well as maximum ease of application.

Discover our line, which includes transparent clear coats, anti-rust paints, primers sprays, primers for painting, filler paints, synthetic resin car paints …



The reference point for car refinishing in the world. We offer complete and integrable solutions, for an efficient and safe workflow.

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