Hardener – Thinner

Hardeners, thinners and solvents for car refinishing


Paint hardeners, together with thinners and solvents, are fundamental products to ensure high standards in every car refinishing operation. 4CR is the reference brand for automotive painting, with a complete range of products for the bodywork professional. Offer your customers surfaces that are unmatched! Why choose 4CR car catalysts and thinners. Work by enhancing your precision, safe from opacity, dripping, bubbles and lumps. Optimize the painting process, speed up your work and get amazing results, every day. Choose 4CR hardeners, thinners and solvents and revolutionize your bodywork work. For more than twenty years, we have been alongside automotive professionals. Listening, studying, committing and testing formulas. Here are the values ​​on which we have built a perfect range, but which continues to grow with you.

Paint hardeners


In two-component paints, the hardener is a component which serves to harden the underlying paint, or the primer, or the clear coat, through a simple chemical reaction. For almost twenty years, 4CR has been manufacturing and marketing hardeners for painting at the top in terms of performance and efficiency. Discover them in our online shop or at our nearest dealer.

4CR is present in more than 50 countries around the world! Thinners and solvents for cars Suitable for accelerating drying times or for diluting the bi-component and base paints of the 4CR range, paint thinners and solvents are fundamental ingredients in any successful formula. Suitable for stabilizing paints, to enhance an excellent product, in the hands of a professional they become the ideal solution also for retouching operations. Universal hardeners, EP catalysts, active solvents, thinners for bases, anti-silicones …. On our site you can find solutions for every bodywork need. Ask our experts for advice on how to dose thinners and solvents for car refinishing. We are here to help you out! Our range of catalysts, thinners and solvents for automotive painting.



The reference point for car refinishing in the world. We offer complete and integrable solutions, for an efficient and safe workflow.

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